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    Default Hello from the Air Force

    Just wanted to say hello. I am in the Fire Protection of the US Air Force. I happy to be a part of this wonderful message forum. I have not been on one since I left AOL when I moved overseas. Hope to talk to you all

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    Greetings from North Pole, Alaska. Welcome to the forums. I'm a retired Air Force firefighter(retired in 97). Served in departments @ Eglin, Galena, AK, RAF Upper Heyford, King Salmon, AK, and at Eielson, AK. I now volunteer with the North Star FD here in North Pole. Have a great, safe day.


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    Tom Lafleur
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    Welcome to the forum. My son is in Special Forces in Ft. Lewis WA
    Stay Safe

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    Andy Henne
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    Hello from Montana,

    I am stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT also, as an AF Fire Crew Chief. These forums are great places to get info, exchange ideas, and meet other firefighters, civilian and military. Hope you have fun here. Where were you stationed overseas? My family and I came here from Ramstein AB, Germany. We didn't want to leave... but the AF called and here we are in Big Sky Country.

    Have fun with Firehouse. These guys and girls are doing a great job...

    Malmstrom AFB Fire/Rescue

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    Hi Bob,
    Welcome aboard. Maybe you will be able to answer some of my ARFF questions in the future. We have a small regional airport and a 1990 Oshkosh TA-1500 crash truck to protect it. The truck does not have a full time crew but rather is manned by 2 members from the first due engine company upon their arrival. The other 2 members remain with the engine and both trucks respond to aircraft incidents together as a tag team. There is a push now to get members stationed at the airport full time and if that happens you will probably be hearing more from me as I look for ARFF answers.


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    Hi Bob, Welcome to firehouse.com As a former
    AF firefighter the experience and training while in will be valuable to you when you get out. That's if you want to pursue your career in this job. RAF Lakenheath UK 81-84.
    Good Luck Paul


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    Herb King
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    Hello from another former AF ARFF. I now work for the USN as civilian Asst Chief and the education I recieved in the AF was top notch and with ISFAC certs and in huse training you will have no problem coming over to the civilian side when you get out, if that's what your planning on. I was also in AK at Eielson, many years ago.

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