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    We are a new emergency services dept in rural alaska covering Both fire & ems .We are all volunteer and right now I am the only Qualified person in a community of about 1000, so I have a pretty hard task in front of me and would like some Ideas on recruitment, Stations,Fund raising and pretty much everthing else involved..

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    Hi Will and welcome to the forum section. The best thing I can suggest is talk honestly with people about what the work entails. I have seen some people who join fire department because someone fills their head with pipe dream stuff. Then 6 months to a year later your looking for a new recuit. Be honest and explain as much as you can with every one who is intrested in joining, that way leads to getting people who will give as much of their time to help raise funds, train, and take care of the most important part of the services you are trying to estabish. Fire Education and Supression.

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    Greetings from North Pole, and the North Star Volunteer Fire Department. How can we help our brothers from the south??? A great source of help I'm sure would be the Alaska Fire Chief's Association. Let me know if we/I can help in any way.


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