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    Default Thermal Imager Training

    Requesting information on Training Programs and any related changes to SOP/SOG's regarding Thermal Imaging Cameras.


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    Fire Engineering magazine ran an excellant 6 part series on Thermal Imaging cameras in 1997 and 1998. I'm not sure of the exact issues right now but can get that info to you when I go to work tomorrow. In the mean time maybe someone else out there has these issues and can let you know. My department just added three TICs in the past year. All hand held. 1 Fire Research Lifesight Plus, 1 Scott Eagle, and 1 Bullard. We initially trained 75 members of our ladder and rescue companies and are planning hands on training for the remainder of the department in the near future. We did not write a separate SOG for the thermal imaging cameras but added it to the one dealing with the F.A.S.T. company. If you need any information on these cameras or on the above mentioned issues of FE just e-mail me. Good luck.

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    Correct issues of Fire Engineering 6 part series on TICs:
    July, Aug, Nov 1996
    Feb, March, Aug 1997

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