The following letter has been written by the Hazardville Fire Department of
Enfield CT on behalf of one of our firefighters. If you have any questions
you may reply to my e-mail address or call the station from 0800-1700
(eastern time) and ask for Chief Flanagan or Assistant Chief Zarcaro at
(860)749-8344. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to read the
letter and pass it on to the appropriate person within your department,
association or union and then forward it to all all of your fire service

Thank you for your time,
Rick Burnham, Captain
Hazardville Fire Department
Enfield CT

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May 24, 1999

Dear Brother and Sister Firefighters:

It is with deep regret that we the members of the Hazardville Fire
Department write this letter of appeal to you.

One of our members, Dave Teixeira, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Dave
is only 25 years old and just became engaged at Christmas time. Up to this
point he had been one of the most active members of our department.

His medical bills are escalating because of treatments and his hospital
stay, for you see the type of cancer he has is known to have only a 10%
survival rate and he has not been able to leave the hospital since his

The members of the Hazardville Fire Department Family are trying to raise
money to help defray the cost of some of the medical expenses. As we in the
past have given what we could to help others, we are now asking for your

Please send any amount you can to the Hazardville Fire Department, 385
Hazard Avenue, Enfield CT 06082-4718 in care of the David Teixeira Fund and
keep him in your prayers.


With our thanks,

Mark Zarcaro
Assistant Chief