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    Dublin fire brigade, in Ireland, has just run into some serious problems over here.
    On Thursday 3rd of June, we have voted overwelleming (98.3%) to go on full strike.
    The story is one that I think is world wide, and would be interested in hearing your comments.
    First of all we have a long standing pay agreement, that gives us parity with the cops, we get a rise when they do and of equal size. This has recently happened, but the powers to be, have seized on the oppertunity to slip in a few changes to the structure to our job and our working conditions, this they call productivity.
    For instance they want to change our work roster to 8 hour shifts, put civillians in our control room, our B.A maintainance stores, and our on the road vans which we use for moving equipment and internal post,
    these are jobs which are currently occuiped by firefighters, some who have been injured in the line of duty.
    They are in affect trying to reduce the size of our brigade in a city that is on a huge increase, both in size and population.
    We are working with 15 yr old fire appliances that should have went to third world countries, and ambulances with upto, 1 million miles on the clock after four engines.
    The public and the firefighters are under treat.
    stay safe out there, comments welcome, fell free to e-mail me.

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    BVFD Guest


    I'm sorry, I really don't know what to say. I hate to see public safety workers go on strike, but I have to agree that this is the only way that Officials will get the message. You may want to try showing the amount of overtime that will be worked by responders on emergencies that last after shift hours. By changing shifts three times per day, the amount of overlap is bound to increase significantly. As for the other issues, I really don't have any suggestions. I will keep you in mind, and if I come up with anything, I'll let you know.

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    Pelican Lake Guest


    Just a short return "hello" and to say tat my prayers are with you when the "pencil-pushers" start to cut your numbers! I can't give you any ideas because we've naver had your situation in our very small dept. totally volunteer. I did see a piece on the TV the other night on the Dublin FD & the Belfast FD. Good luck and my thoughts are with you. Stay Safe!

    People Helping People

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    KEN PAWLAK Guest


    Good luck. My thoughts will be with you guys and hope you make it through this and the people you serve under stand why you have to do this.Again good luck and stay sfe from a brother in CT. USA.

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    Ditto to the thoughts of the previous posts. I also do not like to see public safety go on strike. I have heard of depts. that have had the government officials and members of the business community do ride alongs so they can see what the dept. does and how the equipment is used and needed. The city of Ann Arbor ( in Michigan ) has done this in the past. Maybe your brigade could do something like that. Hope this might help, if not now maybe in the future. Good Luck and keep it safe as you can.

    Ed Carnahan
    <a href="
    "> Pittsfield Twp. F.D.</a>

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    hylo Guest


    Thanks for the show of support lads, its good for the morale.
    Its now Tuesday night, and 6 hours of talks yesterday and continued talks today, have still made no postive ground.
    The clock is ticking, and the danger hour is approaching, but the "pencil pushers" look like they are willing to risk public safety, by treating us with utter contempt and forcing us into the corner.
    Good to hear from you guys,
    stay safe and best of luck.

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