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    Default Firefighter Memorial Sunday

    On June 13, 1999 we celebrate Firefighter's Memorial Sunday in many departments across the country. Let us all pause at that time and offer our collective prayers for all of our deceased brothers and sisters and especially those tragic deaths that have occured recently. Let us also pray for ourselves and the strength and courage to continue in our calling. And please, remember to wear your gear at every call. Thanks.


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    Thankyou for letting us know of this day. Is it an American national day or something more wide spread? Do you have a symbol?

    Recently I started a campaign for an International Firefighters' Day to commemorate and remember past and present firefighters everywhere. The inaugural day was held in May and had great support from many countries.

    I believe it, like your campaign, is vital to allow firefighters everywhere think of, and thank, our lost collegues.

    I hope that the day is well supported. I will also take time to have a thought for all the collegues, family and friends of the firefighters lost this past year. It has been a very traumatic time for many people.

    If you wish to read about International Firefighters' Day go to:

    Stay safe out there.

    Lt JJ Edmondson,
    Clyde-Cardinia Fire Brigade,
    Victoria, Australia

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    In my department, we celebrate this day by gathering at our Fallen Firefighter's Monument on Sunday morning. A roll call of all deceased members both active and retired who have answered their "Last Alarm" in the past year is read. A fire bell will toll as each name is read. Remarks are made by the city administration, fire chief, and union officials. An invocation and remarks are made by our Fire Department Chaplain. Heroism awards are also handed out at this ceremony. All off duty members and their families are encouraged to participate. The turnout is usually excellant on this day. It is also a great time to see old friends as all retirees are invited and usually attend. I'd be interested to hear from other departments in regards to this day and see what you are doing to commemorate our fallen brothers and sisters. Thanks.


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