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    I am a NYS ff/paramedic. I was burned as a toddler, that is what got me into this. Needless to say, I am the black sheep of my family cause of it. I was extremely active in fire/burn prevention until I moved into a fire district that didn't have a school or preschool or senior citizens hall in it. I went back to my old dept to participate as much as I could but it's 2-3hrs away. I would really like to do it on the side somewhere. I need some help in getting started. There was a man by the name of Marty Phelps that use to work for Utica National Insurance Company. He had a wonderful program and I am interested in something of that nature. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I admire the fact that you feel that prevention is important enough to persue an outlet to stay involved. Too many firefighters complain that fire prevention could cut their run volume down, but I can guarentee that the first time they pull a dead child out of a house, they will regret that line of thought. Does your run area have any festivals or fairs that take place? You could set up a booth there. When neighbooring departments have parades and your department is invited, could you pass out literature along the parade route? Distribute prevention literature to local merchants to set out and leave your number as the contact. Also if you can take classes and become a juvenile firesetter educator, any fires that occur in your jurisdication can be handled by you. This could be a good start. Good luck.

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    Thanks, those are some good ideas. I did take a juvenile firesetter intervention program about 3-4 years ago with a gentleman from the Rochester fire dept. by the name of John Hall (I think). It was a wonderful program and I got a lot out of it

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