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    Hi Iím a 22 year veteran of the Lowell Fire Department (paid department) and for the last four years have been doing public education full-time (40 hour / week). I would like to hear from other educators ( full / part time ) to share ideas.Also I would like to Know how many full-time paid Educators ther are out there.

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    I live in a small rural community in Western Pennsylvania. I have been a member of our volunteer fire company for 21 years and have many times instructed public safety programs for people of all ages. Safety education, as we all know, is of great importance. To prevent an injury or a fire before it happens is really what we are all about. What better way to protect life, limb and property of not only the citizens we serve but of our fellow firefighters as well. So to answer one of you questions, we are not paid and I would say that we get in public education when ever we can. For example: We pass out fire safety flyers at our weekly bingo night with a seasonal type fire safety topic. We participate with the other volunteer companies in our area to bring the county fire safety trailer to the elementary school. I have spoken anually at the local senior citizens center and other firefighter have spoken to various groups. (scouting, clubs, pre-school etc.)

    I enourage you to continue the fine work that you do.

    Stay safe, Phil

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    I am a volunteer FF from Port Jefferson, NY and I belong to an organization called the Suffolk County Fire Safety Educator's Association and we meet 9 times a year. Just about every department in Suffolk belongs or has a representative and we're now in the process of extending our membership to dept's in Nassau County. We're also (hopefully) in the process of going on-line, but since we only meet 9 times, we're slow! The SCFSEA periodically offers a 40 hour course on teaching fire safety which most members have taken, but it is not a requirement to be a member. If anyone wants to know more, you can e-mail me and I can forward you our brochure because I am at work and I actually have work to do! LOL.

    B.S. Fire Science Administration
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