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    Default hello from Richmond Indiana

    hello everyone I'm a first year firefighter from Richmond Fire Department, Richmond, IN.
    I'm excited about my career and have become an EMT and HazMat Tech. in the year I've been with this department. It is without a doubt the best job I've ever had.
    Before my career as a firefighter began, I was a deputy with the local sheriff's department, before that I was a prison guard for a mediium security prison in Maryland, and before that I was in the USArmy. And now I think I found my dream job.
    We have a 6 station department;5 stations with one pumper each and one station with our rescue,100'platform arial, and a pumper.
    We also have two grass rigs for brush fires. We average about five alarms a day and last year we had only 57 fires. Kinda makes it hard for a first year man to get much nozzle time. I've been first-in only on two fires, and they were not very big. Got some live fire training, but thats about it; Haven't really danced with that dragon yet.
    Our department is trying to become progressive in its services, right now we're only fire response and sometimes we'll answer a first responder call for EMS. Our administration has set some long term goals for EMS and Hazmat. A good idea to many of the young firefighters, but alot of resistance from the old timers. We'll see.
    Everyone take care and be safe, and I look foward to learning more about other departments in these forums.

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    Hi Rick and welcome to the forums. If your are looking for information or just about anything in the fire service you are bound to find it here eventually. Don't worry about the limited number of runs you are getting, the Dragon likes to dance alot you will get your chance. Take care and be safe.


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    Hi Rick,
    Welcome aboard. I don't blame you for being excited about your new firefighting career after working in the prison system. That must be very depressing being surrounded by sadness every day. If you're interested in learning about other departments check out the topic "Department Profiles" in this section. It is being added to all the time and is very interesting. I'm sure you will enjoy all of the different topics and opinions found in this forum.


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    Capt. Skippy
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    What a small world it is! I am just across the state line from you in Eaton, Ohio (15 miles east). Drop me a line by e-mail and we can swap station visits or the like. Till then, take care!

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    Welcome to both the fire service and the forum, you will learn lots from both in time.
    I am an eight year fulltime firefighter/emt-b in Dublin, Ireland. We respond in our city to a total of approx, 140000 calls per year.
    85000 of these would be ambulance calls and the rest would be engine calls.
    I would be interested in swaping stories, and hearing how your department opperate, e-mail me if you would like to talk.
    Stay safe,

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    Vinny Del Giudice
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    Greetings from the Washington, D.C., area!

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