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    Starting ALS pumper program research, any hints or ideas?

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    Vinny Del Giudice Guest


    Hello from Virginia. Both Arlington County and Fairfax County, VA run paramedic engines. I suggest you contact their EMS officers. Seems like they've had success. Regards. Vinny.

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    ffp4 Guest


    Thank you for the info, at this point anything will be a great help.
    Thank you, Donnie


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    bechereg Guest


    Check with Phoenix, they have a very extensive ALS/Paramedic Engine program.

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    GFDENG Guest


    i work for glendale, az. we are part of the automatic aid system in phoenix, az. we run als engines in our system. we have 8 engines in my department and all of them are als. we consider als to be atleast 2 paramedics. our engines are manned with 2 paramedics and 2 emts. we use private ambos to transport. if the pt. is als, then one of the paramedics rides in with the pt to maintain consistency in in level of care. the engine will then either pick up medic from the hospital or the private ambo will bring the medic back to the station. that is our system in a cliff notes version. any questions feel free to ask and i will try to answer.

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    Drew Smith Guest


    We run ALS pumpers with our ALS ambos. Pumpers are used to supplement manpower n all calls. When ambo is unavailabe the pumper responds and another ambo is sent. We also use our pumpers when multiple patients are encountered.

    We currently have a new all-in-one ALS jump bag on the pumpers. We used to have an identical to the ambos drug box, airway bag and trauma bag with the concept being the pumper would give their bag/box to the ambo and take the ambos bag/box. Doing this allowed the pumper to go back into service with the ambo restocking at the hospital. With the recent addition of some new ALS gear and past runs stats, we opted to make the all-in-one bag as a cost reduction effort. The guys seem to like it because it carreis what they use 95% of the time and now we check only one bag versus three each AM.
    We consider the pumper ALS is there is one paramedic assigned. If the crew is all EMT they operate at the BLS level. Our defib defaults to AED when powered up but can be set to manual for paramedic use in cardioversion or pacing. Since all ambulances in our area are ALS only we do not have an issue of what to do if the ambo is BLS and the pt ALS.

    If you are going to buy a new vehicle I woud sugest having a comparmtne built in the cab to hold the EMS gear instead of putting it in an outside compartment.

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    BURNSEMS Guest


    Howdy, Are you Vol or paid, how many A.L.S. providers do you have on your dept, can you have A.L.S. providers on every call. We currently have 2 E.M.T.-P, 6 E.M.T.-I, 3 E.M.T.-B and several First Responders BLS. Our Engine responds to Med Calls with 3 Certified Persons and the Others arrive by P.O.V. All BLS Equipment is Kept Seperate from the A.L.S.and ALL A.L.S. Equipment is Locked up on the Engine and only the Advanced Level providers have a key, we do not Advertise as A.L.S because we cannot guarentee a A.L.S. crew. A.L.S Engines are quite common in Larger cities but we are the only Vol A.L.S. Engine provider in our County. Contact the City of Plano Tx they are very aggresive and Have several Paramedic Engines.

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