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    In August of this year I will be an EMT-B. I am 18yrs old. I have not decided if I want to go into the fire academy or take a 2 yr fire protection technology degree. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do. I also have an interest in being involved in the fire service through a specialized company, like Boots & Coots. I also am currently with a volunteer fire dept.


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    Why not both?? I did my AAS at a community college and also got my New York State Basic (which is now harder since it's FF One) and Advanced fire certifications at night. Then I went away.

    I don't know where you are from, but the University of New Haven (CT) has a Fire Science Program and on weekends some students take FF One (I did that). Also, UMD at College Park has Fire Engineering and qualified candidates can live rent-free at the fire station (it's really nice) in exchange for shift work (EMS or Fire or both). You can get FF One through them, too, I believe. It may be too late to live there for the fall semester, but it doesn't hurt to try. Both schools have web-sites (and will be at the Expo in Baltimore) as does the College Park FD. Eastern Kentucky and Oklahoma have programs as well, but I am not familiar with them. Good luck.

    B.S. Fire Science Administration
    B.S. Arson Investigation
    UNH Class of '97

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    Hey fella, go to school! You can never get to much education. If you are planning a fire service career a 4 year degree in another field is a good investment. You state you are 18 y/o, that is a perfect time to get that degree!!!! LATER and good luck!



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    Andy Henne
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    Hi there,

    Not to preach or push the military, but Air Force Fire Protection can give you the best training in the world. The Fire Academy in TX at Goodfellow AFB will certify you (IFSAC) to the FFII, HAZ MAT Ops, Driver Operator (ARFF & Structural), and Airport FF levels. They do other stuff as well, but this is at the basic level. Of course, there is a military commitment involved, but I have been in a while now and have progressed rapidly in my career. I love my job, and many of the young firefighters I have known have gotten the training, done their time, and then gotten out to apply with dept's around the country.

    I AM NOT A RECRUITER!! I'm just giving you my opinion and experience with AF Fire Protection. It's simply another option you might want to consider. I'm know there are other former and current AF firefighters who view this web site who could probably give you some advice as well. The important thing no matter how you get that education is to stay informed and take any and all training available and offered to you. NEVER REFUSE TRAINING!!! Email me if you have any questions, or want more info.

    Good luck,
    Malmstrom AFB Fire/Rescue

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    I was in the same shoes as you, sort of still am, being 20 years old. My advice is to research where you want to get your B.S. Degree and go for it. Don't mess with the 2 year fire science degree, by the time you get it, the fire service will start (as they already have) requiring the 4 year fire protection degree.
    I agree 100% with what Diane said. You need to check schools first. U of M does have a good program as does Oklahoma State University, where I am currently a junior in the fire protection and safety engineering technology program. OSU's Fire Protection Society will offer FFI, FFII, and everything else you can imagine free of charge, and we will even provide PBI turnout gear. It is trully the "west point of the fire service". OSU offers a great summer internship program, for the fire service, industrial (private fire protection) and others. I'm on an internship right now in fact near Houston. Just make sure you look at all your options, pick a school that fits your needs and go for the degree.
    If you or anyone else would like more information on the School of Fire Protection or the Fire Protection Society and Student "fire" Life at OSU, please visit the following websites or contact me personnally and I will see to it that you recieve the necessary information.
    Okla. State Univer. www.okstate.edu
    School of Fire Protection www.fireprograms.okstate.edu/firet
    Fire Protection Society www.fireprograms.okstate.edu/fps/mainfps1.htm

    Randall Kenny
    OSU FPS Webmaster and Public Relations Chair

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