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    I am looking for photos or plans for a Horse Drawn hose Wagon/Tender. I am planning on building one for living history and parades.
    I train horses for a living now and would really like to put my team/s in front of a 19th century piece. I am not sure where to look and I am open to suggesstion for type, size, etc.. If you have any info. it would be very helpful no matter how slight.


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    Ed Shanks
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    The Cincinnati Fire Museum (sorry I don't have their address or phone, maybe someone else can supply it?) has a pretty good display of horse-drawn equipment. You can also see how automated it was in those times. The alarm bell opened the horse stalls and the horses were trained to not only go take their positions in the hitch, but actually nose their way into the harnesses, which were suspended so they could get into them. Also, a gas valve under the boiler opened and the gas was lit by a pilot, so when the firefighters got to the apparatus floor, they checked and tightened the harnesses, got into their gear, and 'drove' away, with steam pressure already building in their coal-fired boiler-powered pump.

    As a horse trainer, you're no doubt already aware of what horses can be trained to do, but to a layman like me - I was impressed!

    I'm in the opposite corner of Ohio from Cincy, but if you can't get any info any other way, I'll try to at least find an address and phone number for you.

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    Check out:
    http://www.firemuseumnetwork.org /

    If that doesn't work, try web links under this page and look for International Association of Fire Chiefs. On the left hand side (yellow column) is the list of topics and Fire Museums is under it! Good luck.

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    Rich Dean
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    Have you checked with SPAAMFAA, the world's premier organization of antique fire apparatus enthusiasts? Although the name is
    Society For The Preservation And Appreciation Of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus In America, the fied of interests include hand pulled and horse drawn apparatus. They have local chapters in most states and provinces of the US and Canada.


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