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    Default Fireground accountability systems

    My department does not currently have an accountability system. I would like to get some ideas from other departments that already have systems in place. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    wow, you should get moving and establish some sort of system. For the limited budget department, I recommend the Clemens system. If you have the $$$ look into Grace Systems T-Pass electronic system or something along those lines. The Clemens system we use is a 2 tag system. There is a "unit tag" which is left in the apparatus and a "zone tag" which is left at the enrty point where the FF is operating. This system works well on paper, but is hard to enforce at times. You need point of entry control officers or tag collector rings at the different entry points. Also crucial are radio communications and MADAY signals. These all are components of a system which should be designed to keep track of our people and keep them safe.

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    Andy Henne
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    Hi firehs,

    If you search for this topic on the Firehouse web site, you should be able to find a forum that generated a huge response from many of us. Firehouse has a good search engine and it will make interesting reading for you. Many opinions and many different methods of accountability. Hopefully you can access this particular forum.

    No matter what you do, you're department MUST get a system. To do the job without one is just asking for trouble. I won't get into it here. Try to find that forum. You'll enjoy it.

    Be safe this Fourth,

    Malmstrom AFB Captain/EMT
    Great Falls, Montana

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    Rusty Fitzhugh
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    I would be glad to discuss fire ground accountability with you. I was involved in the US/UK Fire Officers exchange. In the UK they are far ahead of what we are doing in the US. Maybe I can give you some info.

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    Jim M.
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    Rusty, how about a basic description of what they do and how they do it?
    - - - - - - - -
    Jim M.

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    we use velcro tags with names on them. every morning we place our tags on the truck that we are riding on and keep an extra one on our gear. if there is a need for it at a scene, someone will go around to each truck and retrieve the tags and place them on a larger board next to each division, group or task that you are taking part in. very inexpensive and if done right, very effective.
    hope this helps.

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