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    Default Fourth Of July

    Here's wishing ya'll a fun and SAFE Fourth of July.


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    Just remember all, don't drink and drive..I really don't want to have to scrape you off the pavement....And be careful responding to calls, people that have been drinking are drawn to flashy lights....

    BE SAFE!!

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    Got this from Smokey Pen-pal program (smokey@smokeybear.com) and thought I would pass it along as just a reminder to ourselves (though it is geared to children) :

    "Hope your summer is going great! July is here and that means cookouts and campfires! Although cookouts are fun, they can be dangerous if people are not careful. Always, remember to let your parents light the fire for the cookout, and to never leave a campfire unattended. When it is time for you to put out the campfire always remember to pour a bucket of water onto the fire, mix and stir the water with the ashes and cover with more dirt.
    Remember that Smokey is counting on you! Only YOU can prevent forest fires."


    From me:

    Happy 4th -- as we watch out for the drunk drivers, we should remind ourselves and others to watch out for illegal fireworks, too. Too many people lose limbs and skin and other organs at this time of the year. Also, watch the heat and sun -- dehydration and sun-posioning, esp. among the young and the the not-so-young, are serious conditions that can happen when we are too busy having fun to notice.

    And finally, if anyone is in the Port Jefferson, NY area Monday -- our "5th of July" parade steps off at 1000 hrs. on Main Street, down town. There's also a craft fair going on that day.

    Have fun and be safe!!

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    Stay safe and remember WHY we have a 4th of July, Thank they soldier, Marine sailor, or airmen.

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