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    Hello Peers,

    I am currently taking a NREMT-P class in the Philadelphia area and considering a change in Departments. I am currently employed by the City of Wilmington, DE Fire Dept. as a Firefighter assigned to Heavy Rescue Co. #1 which make about 3,000 call a year and I love this job but we have no Paramedics on our job. I would have to work in the Pennsylvania,New Jersey, or Maryland area part- time and I really do not want to do that.
    What I really want to know is 1) How are you treated by other Firefighters in you dept., working as a FFR/PM?
    2) What are good salaries to look at?
    3) Thoughts on the combined role as a FFR/PM?

    There are many more questions I could ask, I make good money and I am happy where I am at. But I would like to do ALS/EMS before my career is over. 18 years in the vollies and 10 years in the career dept.

    Jack Wilson
    Wilmington, DE

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    1) How am I treated?, 2) Good Salaries?, and 3) My thought about the combined role!!! I copied the questions so that I wouldn't have to keep going back to your original message.

    First, I am treated very well by the Department I currently am employed by. The dept. recognizes the importance of EMS within the fire-service (at least as far as revenue is concerned). The dept.'s philosophy on "Internal Customer Service" is lacking, but most dept.'s are.

    Second, I have much experience with different salaries around the country! I started my career in NJ, working for hospital-based MICU's, making approx. $25,000.00/yr. Working in NJ was great; I learned a lot, the scope of practice was pretty good, and the call volume high. Next, I went to work for a FD in MD. I earned approx. $28,000.00/yr. as a FF/PM with one year of experience. The fire aspect of that dept. was great, but being a PM in MD was lame! The scope of practice is antiquated, and there are still vol. PM's, which I believe degrades the system as a whole. Now I work for a FD in the Pacific NW, making approx. $58,000.00/yr., with three years of combined FD exp. and five years as a PM. Here the scope of practice is plain awesome (extremely progressive), and the system is great. Our call volume is on the low side, but what can you do?! I think that these numbers speak for themselves.

    Lastly, I believe the role of a cross-trained FF/PM is the best within the fire service (at least for someone with my limited tenure). I believe that Fire-based EMS/ALS is the only logical model for the delivery of EMS, and the future of the fire-service is dependant on the rest of the country figuring out this very same thing. I also think that the future of Fire-based EMS is going to be very exciting, with the propects of expanded-scope EMS and other "outside of the box" ways of thinking and delivering service.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions that you may have, and I hope that these words have helped you, or at least provided you with some new information. Stay Safe!!

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