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    Bryant Guest

    Post Nicknames

    Howdy out there.

    This isn't a really earth shattering topic, but I'm curious.

    We have a couple of guys in our department we call "SmilinRhino"(who happens to be me) and "Whackamole", there are others with less bizarre nicknames like "Scooter" and "Buick". This seems like a tradition in all the departments i know of, and indeed, any organization with a high level of cameraderie.

    What are the nicknames of members out there?
    and how did they end up getting them?

    "We're not heroes, we're professionals"

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    Ledbelly Guest


    This could be FUN! And entertaining...might even find some new names.
    We've got:
    Shaker- usually jittery from being a coffee-holic
    Stingray- drives a Vette
    Mother- reminds everyone of their mother; says stuff like "you could put your eye out!"
    Pinky- red hair, ruddy complexion
    Opie- everyone thought he was Opie Taylor (Mayberry)
    Wyatt Earp and the Green Hornet- over-zealous inspectors (both now elsewhere). Wyatt went EVERYWHERE with his sidearm, once he was certified as a peace officer (cop wannabe?!) Got in trouble one time for wearing it in a nightclub, guess he missed the part about firearms where alcohol is sold, but I'm sure it impressed the girls!? Green Hornet was crime-fighter extraordinaire, once found remnants of marijuana joint that started mattress fire.
    Buttchop- guess I can say that here...not sure I want to know where that came from...
    Capn Cuz- "cuz he said so..."
    Sugar- as a rookie, got caught "stealing" sugar from the pantry; and he's sweet
    And-all- also known as uhden-uhden; spices everything he says with ya gotta check their LOC and all...
    Tiny- he's BIG
    The White Swallow- last name White, white haired...then someone heard about a bar of same name that was for dubious sexual orientation...try to live that one down!
    Bull- like a bull in a china shop
    Capt. Butterfly- ...he's a dreamer...
    Spider- long, tall, skinny...looks like a daddy longlegs spider
    Horty- not his name or even close...I think maybe from Horton Hears a Who? As in...Didya hear that...?

    Then there's one guy's name that everyone gives when they get to (have to?) do a TV spot....

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    Diane Guest


    Yes, this could be fun -- from Port Jeff, NY
    we have some initials and short cuts.
    Here they are:
    TC (initials)
    T or T-Bone (first name is Tom)
    Jackson (first name is Jack)
    Blondie aka Di, Princess and Lady Di (that's me -- and I have blonde hair)
    Junior (his dad's in the dept, too)
    Carp (don't know where that came from)
    Gumby (a whole bunch of them -- last name is Gumbus)
    Pop (the oldest (75 and still driving the ladder truck) of the Gumbus')
    Spillmaster (last name is Spillmann)
    Ske (last name is Penske)
    Uda-Bitch (last name is Udavich -- also a Probie)
    Fire Hog (big guy)
    Huricane (yeah his first name is Bob, too) Shamu (our distpatcher -- another big fellow)
    Skippy (don't know where that one came from) Shameless (don't know)
    Gibbs (last name is Given)
    Chink (last name is Lee)
    CB (initials)
    Stormin' Norman (Norm -- a tough guy that would never turn on you -- he recently passed away, unfortunately)
    Loomey (last name is Lewis)
    And a whole bunch more that I can't remember off the top of my head!

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    firejinx104 Guest


    You guys(and girls)are right this can be fun.
    Here is my group:
    Gat- his name is Gatlin, of course we have been calling him loverboy b/c he has been getting phone calls every 15mins. from a girl.
    Jon Boy- his name is Jon
    Red- his hair is red
    Tex(aka Gumby)- He is from Texas, and Gumby b/c his smile is 99% gums and 1% teeth. The guys also call him Mr.Ed.
    MFB,aka Jinx, aka Meanness- this would be me.
    They also call me many other things being a female. The MFB stands for Mean F*****g Bitch. I dont mind any of it, but you should see how much fun the guys have in telling the new probies my nicknames. They have one right now that is already afraid of me. Oh and dont forget PMS, Preaty Magical Smile Ya right they got caught By one of my moods
    Buckets- not sure how this happened, but his baby brother is Pail.
    Snappy- his last name is Snapp
    Archie- his name is Arch
    Blondie,aka Baby- she is a junior firefighter
    Thats about it in my department, but we have more in the area in other departments.

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    sarge552 Guest


    here's some more, hope you like 'em... Straightstream-it's the only nozzle he uses Buck-he once taped deer antlers on his helmet as a joke and is now known county wide as "buck" Squeegee-kid was just to squeeky clean Porkchop and Newt-so homely nobody would play with him/newt cause he fell on his head once,short for Sir Issac Newton. Stretch-pulled a 2 1/2" supply line that was connected to the back of the tanker to the standpipe in the station clean off the suction when he drove the truck away from the hall. ( it wasn't my fault honest chief! ) The Hamburgular-loves mickey D's Iggy-does the greatest imitation of Iggnatosky from "Taxi" Capt. Happy-should be grumpy! Little Debbie-he couldn't get enough of Hostess


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    Nik Guest


    he doesn't get online, so he can't kick my butt for this, but my husband's nickname on occasion is Chock or Chocky (like Chucky) because he kept forgetting to pick up the wheel chock and drove right over the thing...

    We don't get much into nicknames in my department, as far as I know.

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    Michael Johnston FFII EMT Guest


    Hey! Here are some of our Firefighters' nicknames:
    Rainman, this one is mine due to my limitless & useless trivia info.
    Denmother, our Asst. Chief's nickname, he always has an extra sweatshirt or coat for a probie who has forgotten his. He is also known as "sweet eyes", he was dubbed this by a X-ray tech. in the local ER
    Sauce, this firefighter earned this name during EMT class for wearing a t-shirt that had a steak sauce bottle on it but instead of the label having A-1 printed on it, his shirt had "F******-A" sauce. He wore this shirt several times before hospital staff realized what it said and the shirt was banned from class.
    These are just a few examples.
    Keep Safe!
    Mike Johnston FFII/EMT-B
    Clifty Six Fire/Rescue

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    Nathan Guest


    Here we go...
    Mine is 'Nads'. For all you in the 'States' who don't know what Nads are, they are testicles!!! (I don't know if it's an Aust. slang term or an int. term). How I got it... here in Australia (NSW to be specific) there is a famous racing greyhound called 'Nads'. I was playing touch football as part of the station fitness program and had just run through a gap in the defence. My teammates (guys on my shift) were yelling out "GO NAT" (as my name is Nathan). One of the guys on the opposition (an avid sports follower) thought they were yelling "GO NADS" and the name has stuck.
    Other names
    Couch Potatoe (sits in front of the TV too long)
    Heartlidge (injured his ankle playing volleyball. We say he injured his 'heartlidge')
    Der Der (poor guy stutters)
    Rocky (last name Rochester)
    Jockey (same size)
    Steroid Boy or 'roid boy (body is out of proportion)

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    dc45b Guest

    Thumbs up

    This is another tradition that has gone by the side. When I joined back some 30 years ago. My nickname is SLICK because I combed my hair straight back. Here is some of the one's from my station.
    Chisel Chin Tucker--pointed chin
    Hardrock Bernie--worked in construction
    Dancing Bear--heavy guy who danced
    Rickashad Rabbit--young guy moves alot
    RickyDicky--loves to talk
    BabySlick--my son

    These are just a few. This was fun.


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    Big Dawg Daddy Guest


    The Dawghouse-the name of the firehouse (this is where everyone ends up when they are on the outs with their significant others)
    Big Dawg Daddy-that's me (i've been around a while and am like a father figure to most while on the fireground)
    Face-had a real babyface when he first came on
    Fish-as in rumblefish (last name Rumble)a.k.a.hootie
    Animal- not real sure about this one
    Mutha-as in animal mutha(streetbrawler, we dropped the animal since we already had one)
    Bug on a hill-real name Nat Ridge
    Ko pepper-real name Koepper (pronounced "kepper"
    Bull-looks like Bull from sitcom Night Court a.k.a. Smiley(followed everyone around for his first 2 years and was always smiling)
    and last but not least:
    GUMP-"i'm not a smart man Jenny"(He hates this name, always states "I have a name!!!")

    Most names come from actions either on a job or at the firehouse. It can be a lot of fun when taken in the right text!

    BDD TC2

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    Firefish Guest


    Yes, I am the "Fish" from above. Big Dog Daddy left out a couple.
    There is:
    Laidback - Last name Linbeck
    Krash - Last name Krish but backed into one FF's POV on station
    Air Force 1 - AF Reserve person

    We used to also have:
    Taco - Rep for Taco Bell
    Thor - ?? Unknown he gave himself this name

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    Sledgehammer57 Guest


    I have had two nicknames in my fire service career. Just after I went to work in a paid department in 1973 I was given the nickname "firetruck". The story behind this one was we had street boxes ( old heads remember ) that transmitted punch codes. I misread the code number and almost had us going in the wrong direction. The Capt. started out making the threat that had we actually gone the wrong way he would have made me walk back. The engineeer chimed in with " in an air pack ". One thing lead to another and before they were through they had figured out a way to turn me into a firetruck.

    My current nickname was given to me shortly after I left the paid service and joined athe volunteer dept. I am now in. We responded to a medical call and enroute we were informed that the person was home alone, the doors were locked, and she could not get to the door to unlock it. I was given the job of forcible entry if we had to force our way in. The unit had a halligan bar ( Kelly tool ) on board but no flat head axe for striking the tool. The closest thing I found on board was a sledgehammer - so the name.

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    Brian Johnson Guest


    OK this is kinda embarrasing but they use to call me "Bumper" at my last department. Here's the story:

    We had a box alarm around 0200 that we got turned around on about half way there by the first arriving engine who determined it was false (so what elses is new!) Anyway on the way back the dispatcher asked us to stop by another building because he was receiving intermittent trouble alarms. I pulled the engine into a parking lot to make a U-turn and ran smak-dab into the middle of a telephone pole. The bumber looked like a giant U. Anyway from that night forward I have been Bumper.


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    blackhat Guest


    My nick name is Mr. MOM. I'm older and experienced. Slide, once put an ambulance into a 180 at an intersection. TAZ, gets excited on a call. ARCH scrapes the doorways when he enters.

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    NVFD933 Guest


    We have:

    t-bone (terry)
    lugnut (he is a mechanic while off dutie)
    hollywood (that's me i like talking to the media)
    lucille or loose wheel (eng.98 axle broke on the way to scene)
    jethrow (jeff)
    lurch (as in the adams family, really big guy)

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    ffmd2 Guest


    I have had several names in my career so far! My first were Dough-boy, for obvious reasons! Then for a short time I was "Knife dog" at the previously mentioned "Dawg House" Since leaving there my new Dept. has dubbed me See-Biskut, due to my affection sor biscuts and gravy!

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    EPFD-AL Guest


    These nicknames are great. I can't possibly top any - but here are some nicknames for firefighters I've known:
    1. Rubberskull - he got hit on his head with a fog tip for a deck gun ... and didn't feel a thing.
    2. Sonic - he's a blur tearing through walls and ceilings.
    3. Tommy Two Times - he says everything twice; "Charge the line. Charge the line."
    4. The Super ... aka ... Cousin Vinny - his voice sounds just like Joe Pesci's.
    5. Radar - he had a 6th sense, and would start running to firehouse seconds before alarm came in.
    6. Mc Cloud - an Irishman who always wore a cowboy hat.
    7. J.R. - he got shot outside a bar. He lived, but no one knew who did it.
    8. IZZY - IS HE coming in today? ... or ... IS He calling in sick?
    See ya!

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    Brady Hutchison Guest


    My nickname followed me to the fire department. At an old job, I had a manager who called me ShadyBrady. Soon, everybody was calling me ShadyBrady...even over the intercom. I mentioned this to one of the people in the volunteer department and it stuck there too. Everyone has there name above their bunker gear on the station wall...mine, of course, says ShadyBrady.

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    fire/emt-9-B Guest


    This is a good topic. I am the youngest FF/EMT in my Dept. of about 300. I have been here about 6 months and already have gone through all of these nicknames.

    Joker- cause I cut up a lot.
    Hollywood- cause I got caught on the news.
    Heidi- because my last name rymes with Fleiss
    Pedad- A tempered form of peter head.
    Howdy- as in howdy dewdy.
    Dumbo- so I have big ears. oh well

    I am sure I left out a few.but oh well
    some other notorious in our dept.

    Purple Haze
    Special Jay

    I will share some others as I think of them.

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    Romania Guest


    There are some great ones on this thread, but here are some I have known.

    Jer-Bear - got that one from his girlfriend, who also happens to be a dispatacher. Now the entire company knows it.

    Grog & Thac - That would be me and my partner (from the cavemen on the farside). I called grog because I have a tendency to break things, and because I don't have the softest touch all the time when I am forcing entry. The scarry part is that we are both medics :-).

    Worf - this is actually two people, one has a big forehead, and the other is me (again)... one of my friends convinced the members of the department I now work for that I can speak klingon, I don't.

    Tres-Tacos - a firefighter who rode along before he was hired and ate three tacos (more than he sould have) and didn't pay in for chow.

    Gepedo (sp.) - The carpenter in pinocio, a member who is an expert carpenter.

    Medic Class Nicknames

    Droopy Dog - yes this again is me, my fellow medic students pinned this one on me for my habit of falling asleep in class.

    Bobby - looks like bobby from "King of the Hill"

    The Thumb - Big guy with a neck as thick as his head who decided to shave his head...looked like a thumb.

    Cosmo - looked like Kramer from Sienfield... always worn his sunglasses because his perscription clear glasses were broken.

    Stinky Eddie - the thumb above would blame all of his farts on this guy, so Eddie got this nickname.

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    ladyfyrftr1125 Guest


    The guys call me "Tess". And, sometimes, "Grannie". At the age of 35, I am one of the oldest in the department.

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    RyWfd Guest

    Thumbs up


    Yea-Yea, great Idea.
    IF "you" guys read this, let me know...Remember, Ramone, Big Girl, Chavez', Ho-Chi-Mike, Poopy da Clown?
    Ry (ME)

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