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    Unhappy JFK Jr. Tragedy

    What a grueling task it must be to have to search for plane wreckage, no matter how small the plane. And to know that you are searching for people who are in the public eye must make the task more difficult. Prayers to the search crews and the families of those who's outcome is one of untimely sadness. Life is short for the Kennedys.

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    Diane, I agree that it would be not only difficult to find such a small plane, but also to realize that you're searching a member of one of the nation's most popular and loved families. The last I heard it is merely a "Search and Recover" mission now, as it is almost certain that there would be no survivors.

    Not only as members of the fire/rescue community, but citizens of our country, we should lift up the emergency workers who have been continually searching, but also the Kennedy's and Bessettes' Families in this time of sorrow.

    Til next time, Live cautiously...

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