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    Question Need Info.....

    Hello all!

    Somewhere between Beltsville, MD and the Jersey Turnpike, one of my bags was stolen from my car. About $400 worth of stuff -- Mary Kay, prescription glasses, and the like was in that bag. They didn't break into my car, and I do have an alarm, I think they opened and grabbed while I walked away when I stopped at the Flea Market in Baltimore. But, I didn't miss it until I was home in NY and nothing else was taken!!!

    Anyway, I need the phone numbers of the Baltimore Police and Jersey Police to see if by some odd chance, it turned up (it was labeled) on the side of the road, because there was no money or anything for anybody to have any use. One never knows if there are good sam's out there.

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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    Sheriff's Direct Line: 410-887-4070
    Main Office: 410-887-3151
    Warrant Squad: 410-887-2031
    Applicant Unit: 410-887-3356

    NJ: Handled by individual towns, however, NJ State Turnpike Authority:

    State of New Jersey
    New Jersey Turnpike Authority

    P.O. Box 1121, New Brunswick, N.J. 08903

    Good Luck

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