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    Post Atlanta MCI Shooting

    At least 12 people were killed in a shooting in Atlanta Thursday afternoon.

    Feel free to discuss your ideas here.

    Read the story at http://www.Firehouse.Com/news/99/7/atlanta/

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    The Snake Man
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    Holy Cow,
    Whats this guys deal? Ok we cant blame video games, Marilyn Mansan and violent Teen movies and shows on this gunning like they did with Columbine. Man.....I'm blown away. What is this world comming too.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    What is this world coming to? Are we going to have to put armed security guards in every public building? This is a really sick man to have done all of the killing that he has done. Here I am setting in front of the computer at the firehouse, in my small farm town in Ohio, "where this sort of thing never happens!" yea right... I some times set and wonder what my two year old son will grow up to see in his lifetime, I know I have seen way too much killing in my 31 years. What can I do to protect him from this kind of absolute nonsense. I pray for the victims and their families.


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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I agrree with all te comments made. the world today is a lot ,more dangerous then when some of us were growing up.
    Kudoos to the Atlanta emergency services teams who responded! from all reports they did a outstanding job. They and the families of all involved are in our prayers
    Stay safe

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Now we can blame the stock market.

    I know this will sound bizarre -- but at least the loser won't sit in jail on appeal spending hundreds of thousands of dollors -- the innocent people's money.

    Prayers to everyone involved and their families.

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    The Snake Man
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Koodos to you for your statement. That is exactly my sentiments. This looser wont be taken up any of my tax dollars. Now days these guys sit in jail with 3 square meals, air conditions, radios, color TV's in there cells and recreation time and its free to them. I to get these amenities have to go to a resort and spend $150 and these guys get it for free. I wanted to thank the shooter for saving me some tax dollars and not going through the system. Ok Ok settle down Snake I know, its just you hit a hot topic for me.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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    Firehouse.com Guest

    Red face

    WAKE UP FELLOW RESPONDERS, This can happen anywhere, wondering Who What When Where and Why is Not Going to Help You or me if this Happens Tommorrow in Your City, We frequently see Vehicle Accidents with 10-12-14 Persons and We seem Pretty well Adapted to Care for These type of Incidents. Now we had Better prepare for THIS Incident in Our Towns because it can Happen in AnyTown U.S.A
    and You may be The very one to Walk into it unprepared and vunerable to Phisical Injury and it does not matter if your Volunteer or Paid the result will all be the same. We cant stop the actions of others but we had better prepare to Deal with it.

    Here today for a Safer Tomorrow

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    It is indeed terrible. What is really the sad part is the focus on large scale emergencies for responders of all types (PD, FD, EMS) is now on Biological and Chemical terrorism, and calls of this type, like what happened in Atlanta.

    We no longer fear the tornado, the hurricaine, or big wreck that has people lying everywhere. We are preparing for the next school shooting, the next time someone wants to clear an office with a gun, or the next terrorist attack on a building using explosives.

    I recently went to a high school emergency prepardness meeting, and the subject most talked about was the student that walked in with a gun or how to handle a bomb threat. Even disaster drills are taking on this ugly scenario instead of doing one on the usual school bus v.s. cement truck.

    The school system in our small town is now requiring all booksacks to be either mesh or clear plastic. Prepare, have a plan; You'll probably use it.


    "We're lost, but we're making good time"-Yogi Berra

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    It was realy hard watching on the news the funerals for the gunmen's wife and children. I can not fathom someone deranged enough to thake the lives of his own children - How sad. Our thoughts and prayers truly go out to the victims families and to the members of the Atlanta FD, EMS, and PD. You folks did a fantastic job despite very tough circumstances. Hang in there and DO NOT be afraid to use the CISD process - IT WORKS!

    God bless you all as you serve.


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