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    S. Cook
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    Post Volunteer Residency Requirements

    Question to volunteers - What is your department requiring as far as time of residence in the area and distance to stations for volunteers?

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    Our paid on call F/Fs are required to reside within 3 miles of the township border. Their is no time of residency required (if I am understanding you the right way as it to mean that they previously reside in our area). They usually move into the area within a couple of months of being hired. In our area the number of applicants has dwindled to very few applying.

    ED C.
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    FD has unofficial rule that you need to live reasonably near the stations. There is no stone cut rule tho. EMS squad does'nt have a requirment. Basically if you can privide a certain number of hours of time to cover duty shifts you are good to go. Its a big help esp with volunteers from the local areas dwindling.

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    Bob Snyder
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    We have no time of residence or proximity requirements for volunteers, partly because it's never really become an issue and partly because we can't afford to be turning people away based on arbitrary reasons like this anyway (we will, however, get rid of people who don't pan out in terms of skills, attention to safety, attitude, and things like that).

    We generally prefer that officers live within our first due area (our jurisdiction plus those areas in which we run mutual aid on initial dispatch), but that's not set in stone because we don't want to take the chance of eliminating a good officer from consideration by a mile or two. We do require at least two years service with us, state certification in essentials, driver/operator certification on all apparatus, and a few other things to become eligible for officer elections. In practice, the requirement might as well be 5 years, because nobody gets through all of that any faster.

    If we were in the position of having adequate manpower or excess manpower, some of these things might be different, but we haven't been in that position for 15 or 20 years.

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    Hey Scott we require our members to live within a REASONABLE Distance or within the I.S.D. We have two members from another County But its Less Than 7 Mi to town from where they Live and there are no Depts around them, I am never going to Turn Down Good Help when manpower is at a minimum.

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    You may want to check and see if your state has a law regarding, firefighters living in there response district. Here in New York there is such a law stating that no more than 45% of your membership live outside of your district. We do not have any restrictions on distance.We have a heavy commercial district with a limited manpower pool. So we pull alot of members from the City which borders us.Currently about 50% of our membership live outside of our District.You may also want to check with your Insurance carrier to see if there are any limitations with coverage on this matter. Finally regarding our State law, we contacted our local State Representative and asked for an exemption to the law, which they granted. Currently now we our 1 of 2 in the State of New York, with this exemption . Finally be safe and do whats necessary to protect your community.
    (We dont turn away anyone who is willing to put the time and dedication into the job.)

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    Scott Alford
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    We are an all volunteer department on the outskirts of a rather large municipality (~55,000). Several years ago we passed a regulation which requires that members reside within our district boundaries. We did this for safety. We have had several members join from various parts of the county and then fly back and forth responding to calls. The leadership of our department did not want this action to involve personnel associated with us, hence the regulation. We did, just this summer, change the residency boundaries back to the district boundary as it existed when the regulation was first established. Due to constant annexation by the neighboring municipality our area was shrinking and we saw no reason to not include adjoining areas that we previously okay for residency. Further, to help control liability and promote safety, we do not allow our members to belong to any other fire department (ems excluded) in the county. We lost about two members over this. Both of them have joined multiple other departments all of which are miles and miles away from their homes and places of employ. I'm glad they want to help, but the liability that they create responding to calls is too great for me.

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    The only requirement we have is that you live with in one of the three municipalities that we serve at the time that you join the department. We do have a couple of members who live out side the area but fortunetly they are very responsible people. We enacted this rule to keep down the number of people joining our department because they got feed up with something in the department that they already belonged to.

    David Ferguson
    Lt. Hookstown VFD

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