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    Truckie from Missouri
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    Cool Firefighting Family

    I just wanted to convey a thought. I have always believed in the "Firefighting Family" that we as firefighters are members of. I'm not even refering to the fact that I'm a third generation fireman. I'm talking about how, in ANY firehouse, you are welcome.

    I was travelling across the country last year, and was on the last leg of a loooong drive. I left Kansas City, made it across MO, ILL, IND, and was most of the way across Ohio. I was somewhere in the Cleveland southeast suburbs.

    It was near midnite local time, and I was getting a bit tired. THEN, I ran into a construction detour. Not what I needed at this stage. I followed it off the highway, and, wouldn't ya know it, vandals had removed the detour signs, (DEFINATELY not what I needed.) so now I'm forced to go exploring. (Yes, I'm one of those types who never gets lost...I just explore my new surroundings!)

    Well, after about a 1/2 hour of this, I felt that I'd explored enough and was ready to finish the last two & 1/2 hours of the trip. BUT, Murphy was with me on this trip, and that ol' SOB made darn sure I couldn't locate the highway. So now I'm cranky, p!$$ed off, and all my fuzzy buttons were pushed. Squishy is an adjective we use in my station, and, oh how it fit how I was that night (or perhaps it was morning now).

    I pulled in to one of the stop & rob's to stretch my legs and have a drink & snack. I sat down on the sidewalk next to my car to 1/2 way relax a bit before I would go back in to buy a map.

    Then, from behind, a hand tapped my shoulder and a voice asked me, "Can I help you, Brother?"

    "I ain't your f^(...., Oh. Sorry, Brother."

    There stood a uniformed firefighter, and a FD utility truck was parked nearby. I don't know why he was there, but I was sure glad he was!

    In my state of squishyness, I had forgotten that:
    A- I was wearing a T-shirt that announced to whomever cared to read it that I am a member of IAFF L-3133, and
    B- there is an IAFF sticker on the front and back windows of my car.

    I explained my predicament, and he explained that his station is right next to the on-ramp where I needed to go, and to follow him.

    After shooting the breeze with him for a while, I followed him back to his station, and then onto the highway.

    After that, I was humbled and thankful that he helped me out, and proud, no, VERY PROUD of the fact the we in the Fire Service ARE family. And what a great feeling that is!

    Proud Member of IAFF Local 3133!

    Stay safe.

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    Family is putting it mildly. We are all brothers & sisters that just have not had a chance to meet. My grandfather was a firefighter in Bayonne NJ. In 1960 when he was in the hospitol dying, the red cross told my grandmother that before they provide blood to him she had to sign papers that the blood would be replaced. Well... Grandma called the fire department & don't you know...Hundreds of brothers from all over the tri state area showed up to give blood.

    Yes, ya'll are my family and I'm darned proud to have it that way.

    God bless you all and keep you safe as you serve.


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    joe dilmore
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    The brotherhood of firefighters is international, too. I visited Portugal, and stumbled upon a fire station there, too. I first noiced it by seeing two American pumpers sitting out front. I spoke broken Spanish (similar to portugese) and one of the fireman spoke broken English. Anyway, I managed to get them to understand that I was an American ff, and I was greeted with open arms, given a complete tour of the building and apparatus, and give souviniers to take home. I in turn sent them a box of mugs, t-shirts, and a few odds and ends. I never did hear back from them, but I'm sure that's because of the language barrier. Anyway, our blood runs deep, and all brothers are always accepted in to our house with open arms.

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    Author unknown

    You are all absolutly right we belong to a family like no other. A family that rejects no one that is willing to puts forth the effort to listen and learn. A family that will be by your side on the job and off.

    There is nothing like it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.



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    well we are family and we need to sstay that way and i tell u what any time u are in maine and need a place to stay or want to talk to fireman just drop by my place and ill hook u up. i am a young firefighter but my dad has been in the family for 30 years
    we would love to talk with any one out there that would like to chat with us

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