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    Post Higher Class Pay (Out-of-Class Pay)

    Need information on higher class pay for employees working as an acting officer. We are not civil service. Are there and Texas State laws or FSLA laws that can help.

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    Q1LT: We went thru this several years ago...there must be something legal because we were able to get it enacted (and received 2-3 yrs of back pay for it!) Step up pay (what we call it) is given to anyone acting in capacity above their grade...they do only receive the lowest pay grade for that rank however.... I will check and see if someone remembers where/what "law" we were able to use for leverage and get back to you. ( Just found your post and wanted to reply...BTW I'm in TX also)

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    In Wilmington,DE Fire Dept. we receive out of class pay in rotation of firefighters in your assigned company. It is based on 8 hours a day even though we work 3 -10 hour days and 3- 14 hour nights. there are quaifications but everyone has them in our dept. And my opinion is we don't get paid enough because we have all the responsibilities our Lieutenant has but don' get compensated for it like he does. If I can find the correct figures I will E- mail you with it.

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    I finally talked to the guy with the brains about this. He said there is a FSLA "law" that we used for leverage. I still don't have the specific number/chapter and he told me that if you wanted to call him, he'd be happy to talk with you about it. Luckily, it turns out, we didn't have to go to court to get it done; one thing he mentioned that I didn't know before was that only about 60% of departments that brought suit had won their cases...so it's apparently not a SURE thing. He said in his "dis-cussings" with the City Council he just mentioned the cases that were won by the departments. Feel free to email me if you need/want more details.

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