Robert (Bob) Austera, Lock-Out Instructor
Retired Bail Bond Bounty Hunter Of 20 Years.
Current Occupation For The Past 12 Years,
Bob's Emergency Lock-Out Service.
The Emergency Lock-Out Hotline Of America.
Awarded The Certificate Of Merit By The
Baltimore County Fire Department.
Training Of Police & Firemen In Proper Car & House Doors Unlocking. Proper Use Of The Jimmy Style Tool. Donating Thousands Of Dollars In Modern Car Door Unlocking Tools, Kits And Manuals. In Addition I Have Unlocked Hundreds Of Cars And Houses For Free With A Child Or Infant Locked Inside, Checking On The Well Being Of Persons And Elderly Sick Persons.
Learn How To Unlock Cars Fast, Easy And Without Doing Damage To The Locking System, Wiring, Or Windows. Let Me Show You The Many Modern Tools Now Available To Help You Quickly And Safely Unlock Any Car Doors.
New Emergency Lock-Out Training Program By
Bob Austera. Only Available To Fire And Police Personnel Who Currently Unlock Vehicles In Cases Where A Child Or Infant Is Locked Inside Or Medical Emergency.
Training Is Available To Any Police Or Fire Department Within The United States And Canada. I Don't Like Flying, So Here Are My Requirements. Outside Of Maryland, The Department, Officers Or Firemen Pay For A Rental Car Along With Gas Food And Lodging For Two. The Fee Charged For 6 To 8 Hours Of Continued Training Is $450.00 Reguardless Of How Many Persons Attend.
We Have Found it Is Best To Set Up One Training Session At One Point, With As Many Officers Or Firemen Present As Possible To Save Money. This Is A Small Amount To Pay To Train 25 To 50 People At A Time, And Well Worth It Considering You'll Look Better In The Tax Payers Eyes When You Open Most Of Their Vehicles Without Doing Any Damage.
You Will Also Have The Opportunity To View And Purchase Modern Car & House Door Unlocking Tool, Kits, Manuals, Picks, Etc.
Any Department Or Person Interested Should
Contact Me Personally At:
The Emergency Lock-Out Hotline Of America,
P. O. Box 19037-Baltimore, Maryland 21284-9037-Local: 410-668-2682 Or Toll Free At:
In Good Standing With The Better Business Bureau Since 1989. Winner Of Numerious Awards By Major Automobile Clubs.