Hello All,

My name is Mike Richardson and I am Bullard's Thermal Imaging Training Specialist. I have been with Bullard for 3 months now, prior to that I had 12+ years of experiance split between the military and fire service. My goal and duty as a former firefighter and Bullard employee is to insure that as much information on thermal imaging is availabe as possible. This will allow firefighters to make an informed and inteligent decision on which thermal imager will work best for them and how they can best employee it in their firefighting duties. My intention on this forum is to provide as much general information as I can, so I will not comment specifically on competitors units and I will not be making any Bullard sales pitch. A thermal imager is an incredible asset to any department and I hope more firefighter and civilian lives can be spared through it's use. If you have any questions on thermal imaging please post them on this forum and I will do my best to answer them in a non predjudiced manner. I have never been a salesman and my duties at Bullard are not linked to sales, but if anyone thinks I am becoming one please let me know. Thanks for the oppurtunity, good luck and be safe.