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    I'm working on a project to re-do our employee evaluation system that has remained the same since 1980. tell me how your department handles evaluations.

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    Hey LT...from the other MFD! Within the last year we just revamped our appraisal forms, the process and etc. It took a committee of FD members most of nine months...but the old process/appraisals were too often pencil-whipped and carried no weight. Specifically, instead of a generic form, each rank has a job-specific appraisal that has ten categories:communication, job knowledge, decision making/judgement, dependability, employee/public relations, flexibility/stress tolerance, initiative, physical fitness, safety, and training development. Ironically (?) the performance appraisals are now tied to a step system in which you receive a pay raise (one step in grade) if you pass minimum requirements. (3.5 on the grading scale) I don't have a copy of one with me but will try to get one, if they are not Top Secret. Email me as a reminder and we'll try to figure how to get one to you (I don't have a scanner )

    BTW- Tell BC (DC?) Tom Seever I said hey....

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    Our performance evaluation is based on two parts. Part "A" is Appraisal of Essential Job Duties. Part "B" is Appraisal of Values-Based Standards such as: Teamwork, Customer Service, Organizational Skills/Time Management, Organizational Relations/Interpersonal Communications, Dependability, Technical Expertise, Safety, General Appraisal.

    If you would like a copy of our packet please e-mail me at <cshell@georgetowntx.org>

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