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    Thumbs down Promotional Requirments

    Our department is establishing minimum requirements that a person must meet before he/she can be eligible to take a promotional exam. There will be requirement for each rank. Some of the requirements that we have come up with are minimum number of years of service, holding certain levels of certification and taking certain classes. I would like to know what requirments other departments have to be able to take a promotion exam. Any information will be greatly apprciated.

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    Our rank structure is FF, Driver/Operator, Capt, Battalion Chief.

    To be eligible for Driver (test): 2 yrs service, valid TX DL; to promote must make 70% on written and driving tests.
    Capt: 2 yrs service as driver/operator, hold Advanced FF certificate and completed MFD officer development program (a NFA course titled "Making a Difference"). To promote must make 70% on written, top 6 scores go to assessment center.
    BC: 10 yrs service MFD, 5 yrs as Capt, hold Master FF certificate, same officer development course as above. Top 6 scores go to assessment, 3 highest from assessment reviewed by selection committee (consists of Fire Chief, 3 Asst Chiefs, Training Chief)

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