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    mikehaynes Guest

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    Hello from Alabama, My name is Michael Haynes. I work for the State Fire Marshal's Office. I have been in the fire service for 25 years. If I can ever help any of you let me know.


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    nsfirechap Guest


    Greetings from the North Star VFD in North Pole, Alaska. I'm a retired Air force FF now serving with the North Star VFD. Spent a fair amount of time in your great state when I was a firefighter at Eglin AFB in the Florida Panhandle and was living just over the border saouth of Wing, nit far from Andulusia. You'll find these forums to be a WEALTH of info. Welcome!!!!!


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    Ledbelly Guest


    Welcome from west Texas. I've only been around for 14 yrs, so compared to you I'm the new guy! As mentioned, lots of good info here and looking forward to hearing from You. Until,
    Lee, MFD

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    The Snake Man Guest


    Mike great to have you on board
    I have to say Alabama is a great state. My wonderful and incredibly sexy wife is from the great state of Alabama. I will spare you the jokes however about Forest Gump

    Just a couple of simple things I need to mention about the forums.
    1. Be good to your brother and sisters in here.
    2. Always have the interest of your brother and sisters.
    3. Have fun and use it as the wonderful tool of knowledge that it is.

    Other than that great to here from ya and welcome on board. I too look forward to utilizing the knowledge you have from years of experience in the service as to I am a new fire inspector of 1 month. I will be sending alot of questions your way. Also there is a forum for us prevention types in here somewhere.

    The Snake Man!
    Keep it above the water line!

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    Len Paradise Ret.Capt. Guest


    My name is Len and I am from central New York area, I belong to a Voly Company and have been in the service since 1972, I have held all line office positions. I also run with a second Vol. company during the day. Love the service. Hate the politics.


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    kiddo Guest


    Hello Mike,

    I am a jr.ff from the east coast of NC. I've only been at this for a couple of years, so I might have a few questions for you from time to time. There are a lotta other cool guys on here that know their stuff...I have learned a lot. Welcome to Firehouse!

    Be safe and Godspeed.


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    Sledgehammer57 Guest



    As a new member to the forum I was browsing and have no Questions now but seeing the name Haynes surprised me. I also am a Haynes and there not that many of us around my area. HAve a good day. Check back with you if I need help.

    Lonnie Haynes

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