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    Post Cedar Shake Roof

    I am working with my homeowners association in Tennessee to change our restrictions to allow other roofing materials besides cedar shakes. I am very interested to hear what fire professionals have to say about cedar roofs. I have read that the only thing worse than a wood roof is one made of straw. Comments..............

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    The only good thing to say about wood shakes is...you can blow 'em off with a good 2.5" straight stream/master stream from the ground...doesn't take long to "un-shingle" a roof if the shrapnel isn't hurting anything.
    Wood shakes seem to be declining in popularity here, but we have several neighborhoods where they were used exclusively. We live with hot, dry, low humidity and usually windy weather and they are a Significant Exposure problem if the fire has any size to it; they also create and catch a lot of embers/brands. Plus, a lot of the roof decks are merely 1x4 slats, 4" apart...they open fairly easily but aren't real fun to get on. If you have the chance to limit or change their use, I'd say go for it!

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    The way things go, people will change from cedar shakes to metal!
    Be Safe...

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    Cedar shakes can cause many problems for firefighters, especially in the wildland/urban interface. However, there are alternatives to wooden roofing materials. Check with local lumber yards and building suppliers. Some products even have the look of cedar shakes, but are made from composite materials. These may be an alternative to the wooden shakes and keep the look that the homeowners' association wants.

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    In wildfire urban interface situations the owners needs to be made aware that the fire department may decide that it is not savable, and move on to take a stand at a home with a less flamable roof.

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