I am trying to accumulate information on thermal image cameras for an applied research paper for the National Fire Academy. If your department has purchased one, please fill out the following survey and return it to me:

Charles L. Werner
Charlottesville Fire Dept.
203 Ridge Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Applied Research Survey
Thermal Image Cameras

Name of your department:
Your name:
Telephone number:

1. Does your department own/possess a thermal image camera (TIC)? Y or N

2. If yes, what is the manufacturer of the thermal image camera(s) that you have? (please list all different manufacturers)

3. How many TIC's do you have in operation?

4. Where are your TICs located? (Engine, Trk, Command vehicle)

5. How did you decide which TIC that you would purchase?

6. How much did your first thermal image camera cost? $_____________

7. When did you purchase your first TIC? Date ___/___/___

8. If you purchased another TIC at a later date, how much did subsequent TIC's cost?

9. What training did you do to prepare for the use of the TIC?

10. What training (if any) did the manufacturer/sales rep provide to your department?

11. Did you feel that you had enough training offered by the manufacturer? Y or N

12. Does your TIC transmit to a remote TV receiver? If yes, has it been used? Did it work effectively?

EFO Applied Research Paper

13. Do you plan to buy any additional cameras? Y or N If so, when?

14. What were the most important factors in deciding on a specific TIC?

15. What was the single most important factor that inhibited your purchase of thermal image cameras?

16. Do you have an SOP and/or training outline for use of TIC's in your department? (IF SO, COULD YOU SEND A COPY)

17. How was your purchase of a TIC funded? (Regular budget process, fund raiser, special allocation, etc.)

18. Have you had any good/bad experiences with your TIC? If yes, please list and explain. (PLEASE ATTACH SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER IF NEEDED)

19. What, if anything, would you do differently in the purchase of a TIC?

Please complete and return to:

Charles Werner, Battalion Chief
Charlottesville VA Fire Department
203 Ridge Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902