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    Hi everyone,
    I have been coming to Firehouse for a few months now and I figured it was time to join in on some the the discussions.
    I am currently a firefighter/emt for the Ridge Fire Dept. which is on Long Island N.Y. It's great to have a forum like this so everyone can benefit by all the experiance that is out there.


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    I agree with you. Firehouse is a great place to learn all kinds of stuff about firefighting/EMS. There are a lot of knowlegdable people that really contribute to the questions others ask. The chatroom is a great learning tool as well, but I guess it is getting worked on now. I want to say thanks to everyone out there who has helped anyone else.

    Be safe and Godspeed.


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    Welcome!!! Greetings from the North Star VFD in North Pole, Alaska. The forums here have been a great help to me an others. Again Welcome aboard.


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    Ditto the other posts. Welcome and look forward to hearing from You. Take care!


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    Welcome and greetings from Pennsylvania. Glad you are here. The more voices there are then the greater our strength in assisting each other with questions and concerns.

    Stay Alert & Stay Safe

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    Hi there I am a career firefighter in N.J.
    just about ten miles from Philadelphia, I have seen yuor web page for some time now and thought your forum groups are very interesting. Just wanted to say Hi,
    all the best Dfd9013

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    Hello welcome aboard

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