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    Is anyone aware of a software program that our dept can purchase for tracking hydrant tests and hose testing? I've seen the FireSoft products, but there is too much junk there that we will not use, plus the cost is prohibitive. Any help would be appreciated!

    Major Keith Smith
    LaGrange Fire/Rescue Dept.
    LaGrange, KY.

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    P Bishop
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    Firehouse Software has excellent software for hydrant testing and maintenance. They also have hose testing. Firehouse is excellent for keeping track of the whole fire department-training, apparatus, incidents, hydarants, property management the whole thing. I don't know of any individual programs that are available for hydrant and or hose.

    P. Bishop

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    S. Cook
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    CrossFire from Hansen Enterprises http://www.hansenent.com/cf.htm is pretty good, we've been using it for a few years now. It will show your hydrant calculations at whatever it's flowing and adjust it for 20 psi and also 0 psi.

    You might be able to buy just the hydrants and hose packages if that's all you want.

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    I agree with P.Bishop. Firehouse software is excellent for keeping track of apparatus, training,fire and ems incidents. Henry County Fire Dept in McDonough Georgia has been using it for about 6 years with no big problems. We use it along with Microsoft windows NT.

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