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    Question Labor questions

    In order to clear up some misconceptions, I would like to point out that MAFF is a labor union led by a 28 year retired Chief Fire Officer. It is a full service union made up of retired police and fire fighters who handle the normal every day negotiations and grievances. The primary reasons that the members of a fire department would want to join are: the expertise in the public safety areas: that the set dues take care of all negotiations and/or grievance costs, including arbitration. For a department with fewer members, this allows them to take a city to arbitration over wages, pensions, working conditions etc. without worrying about the cost associated with that, in most cases this
    can come to thousands of dollars. The IAFF is primarily a fraternal organization, which does many good things for firefighters, but does not do the normal negotiations or grievances for members of the departments. We fill that gap and for issues that are mired in legal questions, we have attorneys on our staff to handle that. The fact that we are specific to the state of Michigan also allows for an expertise in laws that affect Michigan firefighters. I was a member of the IAFF for the twenty eight years that I was on the department. I was happy to belong to it and I felt that the dues I sent them were well used. We just fill an existing need for Michigan firefighters.
    The message I wrote on September 3 was mistakenly deleted by me. The above message was written because of the responses to that mewssage.
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    or www.iaff.org



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    I now that the IAFF is the premier representation for career firefighter, but what other ones are there? What is the main reason that there is others? I know here we had a real small combo dept. the IAFF would represent due to there size, but it's the only one I heard of. Is this common? I'm a vollie, but I have heard that the career guys are well represented and are very proud to be IAFF. This is not ment to bash other organizations, so don't, but to answer a few questions of mine. Thanks...

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    In New Jersey, The I.A.F.F. has Majority, The Firemans Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA) <dd>
    <font face="Britannic Bold"><font size=+1>**** <a href="http://www.njfmba.com">New
    Jersey Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association</a></font></font>
    has approx.2500+ members some have duel membership in IAFF also.
    There is also another PFANJ.

    I Think its should be Under One organization for the State, And have a type of Affiliation with a National Organization that Isn't so Top Heavy With Leaders. Like our Government Too many representatives cant make up there minds to move Things Along. And therefore also eat up a lot of Union dues over things that could be settled thru votes from floor.
    Oversize and corrupt governing is one of the leading reasons a n Organiztion collapses

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    We were recently represented by a non-fire service union. This particular union usually represents non-uniformed personnel, but somehow we got snookered many years ago into leaving IAFF. Make sure whomever you choose, make sure they represent firefighters; if they don't, RUN FAST and RUN FAR.
    The "professional staff" of our last "union" insisted they had to negotiate our contract, yet they couldn't even understand what the FLSA exemption was for firefighters. Unfortunately, before each contract negotiationwe spent 6 months trying to educate the people who were going to negotiate our pay and working conditions for the next 3 years. What a nightmare!
    Whatever decision you make, understand you will have to live with it for a long time. It has taken us about 10 or 12 years to separate from our previous union and re-associate with IAFF, but man oh man, it was worth it!
    IAFF has a long, proven history of strong representation for firefighters. I don't agree with a lot of the international's political policies, but I stand behind their belief that they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of firefighters!

    Steve Gallagher
    IAFF Local 300
    Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Dept.

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    I'm sorry, I am new to chat rooms and I mistakenly erased my September 3rd message and replaced it with one that I wrote today. Please look at the September 3rd date in order to see my response to other responses below it.

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