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    Martin Grube
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    Post Live Dispatch

    Does anyone know how to go about placing my department on the Live Dispatch section. I need to know special equipment, cost, how to?? etc. I own a fire gift store and want to sponsor it. www.lineofdutyinc.com (Virginia Beach)

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    You would need to contact a internet service provider in your area that offers "RealAudio Server". If you know of any local radio stations that you can listen to online, find out what company they are with. The actual process of setting up the "Live Dispatch" is probably a little more intense than you might think. The provider would be able to tell you how feasible and/or expensive it would be for your situation.

    Now, on the other hand, if your company or your department has a 24 hour connection to the net (preferrably a high-speed one), you would be able to set it up there, provided you get a copy of RealAudio Server (which isn't too cheap) and find a way to feed the audio from your scanner/radio to the pc...

    Hopefully this is helpful...

    John Higgins
    Perry Twp. VFD
    Lawrence Co., OH

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