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    Post Explorer Firefighter seeking advice

    I am 15 and Captain of my local Explorer division I really love the Fire service and want to make it my carrer. But our department gets very few calls and because if that I don't get to practice very much. When i turn 16 next year I am going after my FF2 and I would like any advice you have

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    Stick with it! Read and train, read and train, read and train. And by "train" I don't mean walk through the motions, I mean bust your behind, just as if it were the real thing.

    Learn all the jobs, at some point you'll have to do them

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    Thanks BVFD. I've been geting my hands on any and all books I can. Thanks again for the advice.

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    hey there well i am new to the family as well but i am glad that u are with us
    i am a firefighter and have been for about a year but i have been learning about firefighting for about 17 years
    and i am only 17years old i have grown up in the fire sevrice and there is always 2 thing to remember we are not heroes we have a job to do just like any one else and second if u ever fora second think that u know all there is to know about fire or firefighting get out of any fire department as fast as u can cuase u are gonna be bitten by the animale we take out
    well i think i have said my peace if u want to talk to a firefighter your own age email me at any time

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