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    Post Is this the best place or what???

    I have only been on this web site for about a week and I cannot belive the friendship and the commorodery that is shared here. As a volenteer firefighter and an emt I have found a love for a service that I will never quit. It doesnt matter if you are paid or not just always remember why we do this. If anyone has a question or a problem with anything post it in the forums. We have full servicmen and vol. to help us with any problems that we may have. I know now that I can come here for anything that I need. Thankyou for everything vetrans you are very listened to and appreciated. If I can do anything for anyone just email me!!


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    My Thoughts exactly. This is a great place for evoryone to gain knowledge and experience from each other...

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    Sledgehammer! Hey man...my thoughts exactly. Great ideas and info from Everyone! Great place to bounce ideas around. Thanks to all, especially Firehouse.

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    I have to agree with everyone,this is a great place to come to if you have a question about anything there is always someone out there that has the answer or that at least steer you in the right direction.


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