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    Fellow firefighters, What advice can you share for a 36 year old without formal certifications, but some formal training in firefighting and medical response who honestly (this is not mid-life crisis stuff) wants to make the service his career? With a military background and its structure that I miss, I humbly feel that I can serve well, long, and with honor to myself and my department. I know all this sounds quaint and all -- it is not meant to. My employment position and my home's location has removed me from being able to serve on a volunteer department, but the two years that I did serve elsewhere got me bit by the fire bug really badly, and I need to scratch that itch. All advice, opinions, possible leads in the west central Indiana region are appreciated.

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    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I accidently break any protocols or misplace a question. I posted the root of this discussion without better identifying myself... Drew Gehman, Woodstock GA. 2 years paid on call..Camargo Countryside FPD, Douglas Counry IL. First Responder in IL., active past participant in an industrial fire/rescue brigade. Thanks to all.

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    Drew - from someone who was a volunteer firefighter for 6 years and has been a career firefighter for 12, my advice to you is to select a career department that you want to work on, and take their Civil Service test. Many or most full-time departments work 24 hours on and 48 hours off, so perhaps your current full-time employment can become a part-time job. One firefighter on my department gave up a job as a mechanical engineer to become a firefighter. He's still doing the engineering on a part-time basis, for the same employer, but he's not making near the money he could as a full-time engineer. But he wants to be a firefighter.

    So go for it!

    (If you want to move up here to northeast Ohio, we'll be giving our Civil Service test this coming Spring.)

    IAFF 1176

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I too am an engineer, but an electrical one. Vocationally, I'm a manager and it just isn't hands on enough. Is there any profession more hands on then the service? Not that I'm interested in! And boy would I take a pay cut! But that's ok. I never expected older rookies in the fire service to be so well accepted. I've got my application into my department as a volunteer as my first steps into returning to the service.

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    I am about to recieve an application for employment with a top-10 sized department. What would a "snot-nosed" 36yr old rookie need to expect if I should decide to pursue this through appointment?

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