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    Question Ideas needed......

    I am taking a Poli Sci - Public Policy course towards an MA in Poli Sci and would like some suggestions for a two semester research project.......The class is statistics, so the topic has to be related to research and I will have to obtain the information and analyze it.......With a heavy background in the fire service, I would like to aim in that field......Thank you!

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    Maybe you can do research on some thing like, Do arsonist's have a common tie? i.e..abuse,drug use,mental illness.
    Or maybe something like, Have injuries caused by undeployed air bags gone down do to training and info. posted on sites likes this.
    Or something closer to home like, What is the number one killer of Fire Fighters and EMS personel and what can be done to change it?
    I never have been much of a student so if these ideas suck, forgive me.



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    Do you have any background in fire/ems?
    What kind of department if yes.
    here are some ideas.
    1. The cause/effect of decreased manpower.
    2. The evolution of the quint (engine+ladder) and how it effects manpower/effectiveness. Check out Richmond,Va they just went to a total quint concept. St. Louis did too but I don't know if they still have it.
    3. The evolution of fire service this century. Including technology in building construction, apparatus, equiptment,politics.

    These are just some ideas. I might be able to think up some more.
    3. The

    Rhett Fleitz
    Local 1132
    Roanoke City Fire-EMS

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    Because your class is Poli-Sci and you will be collecting and using statistical data you may wish to consider one of these suggestions:
    1. Socio-economic affects on recruitment and retention; and what the political community and elected officials are, or are not, doing to introduce ordinances and or laws to help address or remedy the problems.
    2. Women and minorities in the fire service.
    How many, where, rank, years of service, what per cent, etc.. Title your paper, "Affirmative Action, Fire, and You"
    3. Fire trends. How many, where, when, and the cause. Are there more fires, (and higher fire dollar loss) in your inner city or low income area? Fewer in more affluent? NFIRs reveal a world of information.
    4. The affects of (politically and/or economicly motivated) "cost cutting" manpower reductions and regionalization on fire losses and response times.
    5. Cost per capita on fire protection. Take your county, city, or town and look back five years. Using the budgets, NFIRs, and insurance claims paid; determine the costs per capita for each fire alarm responded to, and or the actual costs of providing fire protection, prevention, and investigation.
    (Don't forget to include any bond debt the community may paying for the next 20-25 years on $400,000 engines and $800,000 ladders).

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    How about why the Fire Service, one of the most respected professions in the world, receives less than 10% of the government funding devoted to Law enforcement?

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    Thanks for your ideas........I may go with the future of volunteer dept's on Long Island. Nassau County has paid firefighters and I am curious to see if there is a trend. A local FD is looking to hire paid EMS workers, it's only a matter of time before someone hires FF's.........

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    You should research an outstanding project that was done in Coral Springs,Fla.
    it was called the TIME = LIFE,it was put together to show how by improving on many QA factors an ems system that once delivered very poor patient care and response times could have 6minutes or less response times 96% of the time with less than 1% in customer complaints,with improvement in patient care and reduction in mortality rates within the city. I could send you the info if your interested,this project was the winner of the governers sterling award,an award usually given to the private sector,this project has also competed on a national level.

    D.Schneider FF/PM/CL/FTO

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    Thanks, but I am more familiar with firefighiting than I am with EMS since my FD doesn't do EMS.......

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    Hiya Diane:
    I've been performing fire safety music with a public education officer. We play songs that re-inforce the fire safety messages that need to be common knowledge for any community. It would be interesting to find out how many lives have been saved by people knowing how to react to emergency situations. Basically I'm just curious if there's any way to know how many lives we've saved. I've had parents as well as high school students come up to me & thank me for educating them so well in these necessary safety skills.
    Please let us know what you decide as well a the ersults of your research.
    Take Care
    Ken Elkind


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