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    John Myers
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    Post Back Step Riding

    I know back step riding has been prohibited,but when I started riding the back step was the best seatin the house,I was a firefighter in the country where we did 60 or 70 mph.To feel the wind and feel the bumps was a rush.I just wounder who eles misses the back step???

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    Loved riding tailboard-especially on sunny days-also did it a lot at sixty plus below in Galena, Alaska. Loved it yes-miss it NO WAY-Had a few mishaps back there. Got hurt once, know of others that got hurt too, some killed. Rather be alive.
    We did things a lot differently when I started in the fire service in 1977. Personally, I prefer a lot of the safety equipment and rules we have today.

    Y'all have a great safe day!


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    When I started the back step was the only place we had to ride unless you were the officer or operator. Yes -- I enjoyed it when I was young and didn't know any better. Thank the good Lord we have survived and learned a better way. The fight is danger enough - we don't have to maim or kill ourselves or our people just getting to the scene or back home.

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    Truckie from Missouri
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    I miss it, too.

    And yet, I too agree that we are a bit safer today.

    Proud Member of IAFF Local 3133!

    Stay safe.

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    Yes I miss it, but I was a big advocate of moving off the rear step. I think were all glad we did. But, oh do I miss it.

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