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    Question Service Award Programs

    Looking for information on service awards programs, how and for what points are awarded and point structures,
    examples: How many points for calls: by % or each call. Training, holding offices, special projects ect!

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    Hi Bud,

    The Vestal Volunteer Fire Department started their Awards program back in 1995 with a trial run and ran full course in 1996.

    You can e-mail me (smb323vfd@usa.net) for our information and how it's set up. I'll be more than happy to help you with the information I have.

    Susan Bowen

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    I don't remember all the details but here are a few:

    25 points for alarms, all or nothing, must make at least 10% of alarms.

    Need 50 Points total to qualify for the year. We incorporate house duty (clean up), meeting s, drills, training ect..

    email me if you wish and I can get you a copy of our program.

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