Greetings Fire Fighters,

I am a software developer with an idea for a computer based 3D Fire Fighting Training Simulation. To some people this could be considered a fire fighting game simulation, but I wish to make it realistic enough to use as a training tool. I plan to simulate as close to the real thing as possible, in as many areas as I possibly can.

In this day of modern technology, I'm sure there are computers (PC's) in nearly every Firehouse in America. When I discovered this forum, I was overjoyed to finally have a way to communicate with many Fire Fighters to discuss ideas for this program.

I was trained to be a Fire Fighter here in Eureka, California, back in the early 1980's, but never was able to get hired anywhere due to my health. I never lost my interest in it, however.

To do this in the manner I would like, I need the input and approval of professional fire fighters. I need to hear what you, the people who would use this program as a training tool, would like to see put into it.

As a general outline, the program will include Structural and Wildland fire fighting techniques, and of course, Haz Mat handling, Search and Rescue, and code 3 driving training and traffic simulations. I do not plan to include any EMT training. That is for another program in itself.

If this is of any interest to you, please post your ideas here, or feel free to email them to me directly. Your input will be greatly appreciated. I need your input, and experience to make this a truly good training tool.

Thank you,

Tim Bankston
Eureka, California