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    Post Forum Changes!

    Hey folks! As you can probably tell by now we've added loads of new features to the Forums ... including almost 60 regional and international forums in a new area!

    Plus more EMS and Firefighter Forums....all for the thousands of participants in the web's #1 Emergency Services Discussion Boards!

    We'll continue to upgrade..trying to improve speed an look. Threads are now broken up in a few more pages for quicker viewing, plus we've added "join date", "total posts" and "location" to every post!

    And on top of that, we're pleased to announce that we were the Ultimate Bulletin Board's Site of the Week! They are the makers of the software which runs the forums, which is in use by thousands of sites around the 'net.

    Thanks again to our many users and moderators...keep talkin' and spread the word!

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    Jim M. Guest


    Whatever was done 'behind the scenes' is causing significantly slower retrieval of information. Clicking on "go get um" for daily stuff used to load in 5 or 6 seconds. This morning it took over a minute to search for and then load 7 items. Patient looks good but vitals are weak and thready!

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    Bob Snyder Guest

    Red face

    Took almost 4 minutes to find the posts "since yesterday" and returned only 9 (maybe the system was down to make the changes?). This is on a dedicated line from my desktop before work...hope these are just "growing pains"!

    Like the "topic review" at the bottom, though...this will help to keep replies focused (I hope). The idea of regional forums sound good too.

    Lunchtime, the search "since yesterday" was under 3 minutes, but it only returned 15 forums, while hitting the "active today" link returned 17. There may be a bug or two left.

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    e33 Guest



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    SNOWMAN Guest


    Same problem! It takes forever for everything to load. Some of the forums are even timing out!!

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    iwood51 Guest

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    Looking good, a little slower on the loads, but then again, I'm spoiled with my Triple ISDN connection.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Must agree-SLOWER!!!! But I can live with that in lieu of the chnages. You guys do great work!


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    Post might have been (or be) some slow internet traffic being the middle of the week..everything we've tested seems to show its faster, even the searches...but we'll continue to monitor it.

    Bob: "Since Yesterday" will probably turn up anything new in the past 24 hours while "Today's" should only turn up today's newest posts, so you might get different numbers.

    Again, we'll continue to monitor the speed issue and see if anything develops. It also was showing 45 days worth of information...we're reducing that to 20 for most forums..that may have been an issue as well for some of the larger, popular forums.

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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    After looking some more into the search issue, we see that there is a new interface somewhat to search back a number of days...

    The next version of the BB will likely speed it up, but due to the sheer number of forums it is likely to slow things down regardless.

    FAST SEARCHING -- A still VERY fast way to search your favorite forums is to click "SEARCH" and then choose the forum you want..followed by "Since Yesterday" or "Last 5 days" etc. This will return your results in seconds and then click "back" to search another forum. Its not as easy as the "View New Firehouse Forum Messages" ... but this way you don't have to wade through the forums you don't want.

    We'll try to find an easy solution..but in the mean time, the 'since yesterday' icon should still return results very fast.


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    NVFD933 Guest


    It looks great, I like it keep up the good work.
    As far as speed, I didnt notice any problems but then agian I am plunking away on a 5 year old pile of **** that has a key board attached.

    Have a great day


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    Ledbelly Guest

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    Looks GREAT! And by the way, seemed to load faster than before for me...?
    Keep it up and Thanks

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    FireBabe Guest

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    Nice and fast for me and it has to travel further to Australia! LOL

    Keep up the good work folks ... it looks great!

    Lt JJ Edmondson,
    Clyde-Cardinia Fire Brigade,
    Victoria, Australia

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