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    Thumbs up Fire Science Degree, Online!

    The Associates Degree in Fire Science is online for all who wish to participate. You can contact Mr. Ronnie Holton about the program at Coastal Carolina Community College. Address is ffrh@hotmail.com. He can answer all of your questions. Get info now reguarding the Winter semester.

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    Do you have a web page which I could visit for more information?

    Lt JJ Edmondson,
    Clyde-Cardinia Fire Brigade,
    Victoria, Australia

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    Coastal Carolina Corolina Community College home page can be found at:


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    Yea, Email Ronnie Holton at ffrh@hotmail.com
    You can also visit the Fire science site @ www.coastal.cc.nc.us/fire/ It will tell you all about the program as well. Mr hoten Can also send you information.

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