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    Lightbulb Ladies Aux.

    I need info to make a comparison.....Anyone feel free to comment, good or bad! My question is: What does your auxiliary do (outside of providing refreshments at fires)? And how many "active" members are there?? I was going to post this on the LA Support page, but it is not nearly as active as this one!


    PS If you want, you can e-mail me.

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    We are a small dept. but we have a great ladies auxiliary(I am not just saying that because my wifes likes to walk up behind me while I type). They are responsible for alot more than cookies and gatorade. They orginize most of the fund raisers(and supervise during)They are the displacment releaf commity, which is who we call on after a fire has put a family out of thier home. The ladies make housing arrangments if needed they provide some replacment clothing for all the family members. They are the ones that get the clothing donated from places like walmart, and they get food vochers from the local grocery store to give to the families. They orginize the annual fire fighters dance. They run the local "Red Santa" program and much more. At times it seems the ladies are busier than the fire fighters. They are just as valuble to this community as the fire fighters.

    I hope this helps
    e-mail me if you have any more question.


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    I am the President of our local Ladies Auxiliary. I am serving my first year (second term) and currently have 18 active members in the organization. Our Auxiliary was organized in 1953 and to this date we still have two active members on roll that were in the founding organization. Our oldest member is 99 years old and still makes an appearance at every meeting! The Fire Department is volunteer however, their building and most of their equipment has been funded by the local government. Thus, any proceeds from our fundraisers are distributed to local charities within our area such as the Burn Foundation, Firemen's Home, Rescue Squad (which is a separate entity from the Fire Dept.).

    Our organization is always willing to provide refreshments at fire calls and provide a meal back at the firehouse when the men (I would include women also but at this moment their are no females in the department) return. We also coordinate the refreshments during training drills and organize other events upon the request of the department such as when they had their wet down, open house, etc.

    Being that our auxiliary headcount is somewhat small and the average age of the organization I am limited as to the extent of our activities and type of fundraisers. We do however, maintain the following events which have been successful in the order in which I have listed them:

    *Two editions of a Cookbook
    *Yearly Easter Egg Hunts
    *Annual Plant Sales
    *Basket Raffles
    *Covered Dish Nights
    *Theme Social's
    *Recipe Exchanges
    *Speghetti Dinners w/Fire department

    At this time, I am looking for different activities and ideas for our auxiliary to embark on.

    I am also looking to communicate with other auxiliary members to start a more active forum with respect to thoughts, idea brainstorming, gripes, etc, by-law help, ways in which to increase headcount, etc.

    Any takers?


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