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    Sandy Williams
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    Question Vehicles for Investigators

    I have been given the task of doing reasearch on vehicles to be utilized for our Fire/Arson/Explosives Investigators. Our department provides each investigator with his/her own vehicle. I am looking for suggestions on vehicles that would allow us to carry our equipment and also maitain a low profile. I welcome any suggestions and would love to see photographs of vehicles used by other public agencies. We are also certified police officers and will at times use these vehicles for surveillance work .

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    Here in Tx. the city fire marshall has a dodge power ram( its like a chevy blaser) it is painted like the fire trucks and county fire marshall has a ford f150 4x4 ex-cab it is white and would have made a great surveillance truck but the county just bought stickers for the doors that say "code enforcment officer".

    Good luck


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    Brian Johnson
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    I would suggest either a full size or a min-van. The full size will stand out a little more but will allow for more equipment. Either way with limo tint windows in the back you would have a nice observation area where you wouldn't be seen.

    Have you looked into vehicles that were confiscated from druggies? A good source for free vehicles for you copper types!

    Good luck:


    Brian Johnson
    Asst. Chief, Training
    MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

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