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    Question Firehouse Construction Question

    I am looking for information about a slide to use for access from the bunk rooms to the apparatus floor. If anyone has any information on where to purchase one, please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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    A slide for the firehouse?

    Try Toys R Us.

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    Thanks for the reply....

    Let's try a different question...

    Does anyone out there know if there are any restrictions on having slide poles in firehouses in the State of Illinois?

    Especially dealing with NFPA compliance.

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    I know of at least 1 station in Las Vegas, Nevada that has a slide. In fact there is a staircase, slide and pole all together. I will check with one of the guys from my Department that lived there for a while to find out which one. I saw it my self and even took a picture. I want to say it was on the north side of town and was their training station but I saw a couple that day and its been a couple years. It was copper, and I was told it was for static. ??Go figure.

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