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    Talking Additional Department Profiles...

    I went to reply to the station profile and it was locked. So, I started another. Let's hear about you station or district.
    The area I started my firefighting volunteering in in Southern Jersey. The town consist of 4 station that used to operate w/ what you could say where bother/sister staions. 22-2 & 22-3 where one response and 22-1 & 22-4 where the other. We now operate as a distict. Basically each station has a speciality piece of apparatus. 22-1 has a heavy resque and the district tanker. 22-2 has the light resque/air system. 22-3 high volume pumper w/ 5" hose. 22-4 has the district tower. The stations had there difficulty , but now operate very well as a district. The rest of the apparatus goes as:
    Station 22-1
    Heavy resque
    Marine resque

    Station 22-2
    Light resque/ air system
    2 Engines

    Station 22-3(my station)
    2 Engines(both 5" equiped total of
    4500' of hose.)
    Power wagon(brush unit 4x4 dually)

    Station 22-4
    Tower ladder
    2 Engines
    Power wagon(brush unit)
    BLS unit

    Squad 22-9
    BLS unit(seperate enity than the
    stations housed in 22-1)

    Squad 22-8
    BLS unit(seperate enity than the
    stations housed in 22-3)

    David DeCant

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    Dave (and others)

    The Department Profiles thread was closed last month.

    We've started a whole new category called "Department Profiles". Its the first forum listed at the top of the Forums entry page.

    Please feel free to post your department profile along with the many others there, starting a new thread in that category for each department.

    This thread will now be closed, and copied over to the Department Profiles category.

    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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