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    I have a question on What is your policy when it comes to firefighters going to rehab. In my department firefighters go to rehab (The ambulance) after they have went through two air bottles. And they cannot leave the ambulance until the EMT's say that their back down to normal. So they could be in there for a long time before they reach the normal as the EMT's see it. What I'm getting out I think. I sort of have a problem with having to stay in the ambulance until the EMT's think your back to normal. Cause what happened to two of us was that we are normaly high on the pulse ox. thing they carry in the ambulance. they want us below 110 but, we can never get below 115 even if we havn't been fighting fires. Well anyways we were talking and making a list of people that just can't get down to 110 and have them put it in each of the ambulances. Our cheif talked to the ER Doc about it and he said that theirs nothing wrong with the fact we can't reach 110. He's says some people just are that way. Well thats all. I would like any input on how you run your rehab if you have one.

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    This topic is covered in Firefighters Forum. Topic is listed as Firefighters Medical Rehab at scene. There are good suggestions there.

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