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    Frank Allen Guest

    Talking Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Good luck all of my brothers and sisters out there stay safe

    Frank R. Allen

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    RichDean Guest


    I hope everyone had a happy and prosperous Halloween. One town in New Jersey tried to change it to Saturday but reversed itself when there was such a public protest that a town can't change the calendar and "so what if it's on a Sunday?." We went through about 500 pieces of candy at our hose (1 to a kid).

    Both Halloween and the night before were very quiet in our town as far as problems went. BTW, I'm interested in the various names that the night before Halloween is known by such as Devil's Night, Mischief Night and more. For some reason in our area, suburbs of Paterson NJ, it's always been known as Goosey Night and some other areas of New Jersey I understand they call it Gate Night.

    Rich Dean
    Butler NJ


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