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    Post Cairns New Yorker Helmet's

    I'm interested in purchasing a Cairns New Yorker. Does anyone know of anyplace on the web to get these for a better price than my local dealer is asking?

    They want $380 bucks.


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    Frank Allen
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    Galls does not sell Cairns helmets..they sell Bullard..the traditional firedome is the closest thing you can get to a New Yorker ant thats like a comparison of New York to San Fransisco! Nothing beats wearing a dead cow on your head!! ..and $380 is about the average cost. E-mail me ...I have a place here in NJ that I got mine for about $360 total I think.

    Leather Forever Baby!

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    Our town has been very happy with Firefighters Equipment Co. of Denville NJ for six decades, since that company was founded in 1950. Now they have a web page for internet sales and I understand they've received quite a few orders from around the country. The url is:


    Rich Dean
    Butler NJ


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    Capt Lee
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    Try Ebay auction. I've seen them there although you may not get one actually usable, most are more collectable type, but I have seen newer ones and most ran around 250 +/-.

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    Truckie from Missouri
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    Stay away from the Bullard!!!

    It is one of the MOST uncomfortable hunks of junk I've EVER seen!!!

    Actually, I have no problem w/ the craftsmanship of the Bullard, but that's as far as that goes. It is uncomfortable, slides around on my head, and makes a klutzy truckie like myself feel even klutzier!

    I am, and always will be, a fan of the Cairns Leather!!

    Leather Forever!!

    Proud Member of IAFF Local 3133!

    Stay safe.

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