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    Post Standard Operating Procedures

    I am the Asst. Fire Marshal, as well as, fire investigator for a small town in north Texas. The department is wanting to create it's first complete set of SOP's. I am on the committee to create these SOP's. I would like to talk to someone that has recently worked on SOP's or have existing SOP's that they might want to share. I have nothing to look at as an example any help would be appreciated.

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    Try the Charlottesville, VA FD web site. They have all their SOP's posted.

    Charles Werner is the contact person. His email address is: werner@ci.charlottesville.va.us
    he is very helpful.

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    JVFD, you can go to WWW.hvfd.com and look at their web site. They have the sop's listed their. It is the same people that do this web site.

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    I'm new to this forum and have found it very interesting, especially with topics like yours. I've worked for a very large west- coast paid fire dept. for almost twenty years, and have had both good and bad experiences with "SOP's".
    Give me an idea of the size of your Department as well as the staffing compliments on your apparatus.
    "SOP's" should be based on:
    * Staffing
    * First alarm assignment
    * Life hazards
    * Additional resourse reponce times
    * Emergency service philosophy of your department.


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    You may want to look at terminology first. Some areas in the nation are using the term Standard Opperating Guidlines or SOGs. Procedures may be to demanding whereas guidelines may not be so dogmatic in the legal since... just a thought.


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